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The Wildu Aero project

Medical eVTOL hydrogen drone health delivery network

The founding Director of ASAC Consultancy Anna Klis, witnessed first hand whilst consulting in rural and remote regions the poor health outcomes and suffering due to limited accessibility to essential health services such as pathology, diagnostics, and treatment due to distance. An opportunity was identified to increase accessibility to essential health services and improve health outcomes by utilising eVTOL hydrogen drone technology.
The effort to improve health outcomes and accessibility is the key driver for the initiative that the National Rural Health Alliance reported: “The health status of remote Australians is worse than both city and rural populations on almost every indicator.”
The goals of the initiative are to:
  • Improve health outcomes in regional, rural, and remote Australia through technology associated with eVTOL hydrogen drones in a medical health delivery network that will overcome the vast distances and have significant positive impacts on these communities.
  • Increase access to healthcare by ensuring that individuals in remote areas have better access to healthcare services through telemedicine, telehealth doctors, or other innovative technology solutions.
  • Enable early detection, prevention, and treatments by using technology to facilitate early detection of health issues and promote preventive measures.
  • Improve healthcare delivery by streamlining processes through technology, improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery in remote areas.
If successfully implemented what outcome will the initiative achieve? 
  • Improved accessibility to essential healthcare services to those living in regional, rural, and remote areas.
  • Faster delivery of pathology test results and medical supplies (vaccines, blood products, medicines, antivenom) can lead to quicker diagnosis and treatment, ultimately improving patient outcomes, particularly in emergency situations and chronic diseases. Integration with digital health systems can streamline data transfer between healthcare providers, laboratories, and remote clinics, enhancing the overall healthcare ecosystem in regional, rural, and remote areas.
  • In emergency situations, such as a disease outbreak or critical patient diagnosis, eVTOL hydrogen drones can swiftly deliver essential medical supplies to remote areas, helping responders more effectively.
Updates will be provided as the project progresses.

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